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Maya Preferred : The Best in Cryptocurrency Ever!!

We shoot for high returns for our Coin Holders and give back to the people who mean the most . . . YOU.

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Exclusive Interviews With James Dahlke, CEO of Maya Preferred 223

The 11 Gold and Silver Mines Backing Maya Preferred 223

1- Santiago Apóstol

2- La Estrella #3

3- La Lupita

4- La Sonorense

Las Tres Marias Project with:

5- Las Tres Marias

6- Cebolla Sur

7- Los Laureles

Tequila Project with:

8- La Guadalupe

9- La Guadalupe II

10- La Fortuna

11- Grano de Oro

What is Maya Preferred 223 (MAPR)?

Maya Preferred 223 (MAPR) is U. K. Financial Ltd.’s state-of-the-art ERC 23 token built on the Ethereum Classic blockchain, and is positioned to become the first cryptocurrency to be successfully used as a monetary instrument for individuals to transfer money worldwide. Not only will Maya Preferred change the way people transfer money worldwide, but it will also become the first cryptocurrency to be accepted by many leading retail stores. Because Maya Preferred is an ERC 23 token built on the Ethereum Classic blockchain, it will be able to execute all of these money transfers and payments for a fraction of the fees charged by Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and Western Union.
Maya Preferred will also be backed with precious metal assets of gold and silver mine reserves in Mexico, making it the new “gold and silver standard” and instantly providing the stabilization investors have been waiting for in the volatile realm of cryptocurrency. The tokens business plan involves adding more mining assets for backing and thus adding value to itself over time, increasing both stability and the ability to have real tangible assets backing its currency for investors.

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Safe And Secure

No one can access your data as you own the private keys.

Most Secure Wallet

Our secure wallets offer private exchange services using a licensed and regulated bank.


Maya Preferred offers 100% transparency in terms of coinage, technical features and future projects.

Token Distribution

  • Held by Maya COIN(125m Tokens)
  • Partners and Advisors
  • Project Team Share
  • Bounce and Reserve
  • Bounties

Our Expert Team

The MAPR Team combines a passion for providing Coin Holder value, industry expertise & proven record in finance, development, marketing & licensing.

James Dahlke


James Dahlke, a licensed Certified Public Accountant, has filled the role of President and CEO of the Maya Coin venture. Mr. Dahlke will use his experiences in the public financial markets and keen business relationships to build a powerhouse management team for the Maya Coin Holders. You can expect to see a vast array of changes and additions to the management team as mergers, acquisitions and Maya’s business plan are being executed.

Richard Crespo

Vice President

Richard Crespo, an investor with over 20 years in finance and ownership shares in 19 precious metal mines in Mexico, has come on board as the firm’s new vice president.

Jose Maria Torres Duran

Mining Advisor

An expert in gold, silver, and copper mines with over 20 years of experience. Mr. Duran will lead Maya Preferred 223 in the purchases of only the best precious metal mines in Mexico.

Germán Hugo Lopez Alday

Board of Director

Alejandro Lambarri

Board of Director

Keith Christiansen

Head of Blockchain Security

Mr. Christiansen is fully licensed to provide a variety of professional investigative services, process services, and surveillance for most legal reasons. Mr. Christiansen will use his 40 years of experience in multiple levels of security training to ensure all Blockchain transactions and ERC 20 tokens MAYA creates are fully protected with the most up-to-date anti-hacking programs. Mr. Christiansen will play a huge role in protecting MAYA’s upcoming project of creating MAYA’s own cryptocurrency exchange from any unwanted trojan horses or cybercriminals. Fully insured and bonded, Mr. Christiansen protects the interest of his clients and now all Maya Coin Holders to the best of his abilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below we’ve provided answers to some frequently asked questions about Maya Preferred. Please complete the contact form below if you have any further questions.

U.K. Financial Ltd. is a corporation formed in the United Kingdom, dedicating itself and its business plan to becoming a creator of and holding company for all types of cryptocurrency Investments. Its management experience in the financial arena, particularly with mergers and acquisitions, as well as ventures into the retail space and knowledge of the burgeoning cryptocurrency world, combine to make it an up-and-coming player in the world of digital currency.

Maya Preferred (MAPR) is U. K. Financial Ltd.’s state-of-the-art ERC 23 token built on the Ethereum Classic blockchain and is positioned to become the first cryptocurrency to be successfully used as a monetary instrument for individuals to transfer money worldwide.

Follow us on any of the links provided on this page to see what is happening and progress made. We will provide weekly updates on all available forms of social media.

Cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency designed to work as a medium of exchange. It uses cryptography to secure and verify transactions as well as to control the creation of new units of a particular cryptocurrency. Essentially, cryptocurrencies are limited entries in a database that no one can change unless specific conditions are fulfilled.

The main difference is that the transaction costs of ERC 23 tokens is less than ERC 20 tokens and in the future, will become the primary source of these transactions. Actually, ERC 23 tokens have been developed because of issues with ERC 20 tokens and therefore have an advantage over Bitcoin and many other tokens.

ERC 23 is a new token standard that’s poised to replace ERC 20. Developers find it easier to use, and investors are protected by improved security features.

ERC 20 is the most common type of tokens currently available on the market. It was first proposed in November 2015. As a result of the overall level of proficiency increasing in the Ethereum community, Github user, Dexeran, proposed an ERC 23 token standard in March 2018, which is easier to program for the developer.

But what does it mean for the consumer?
Through handling incoming transactions in smart contracts, ERC 23 token provides improved security.
Improved security

The ERC token protects consumers from sending tokens to a smart contract that doesn’t support them because developers must handle incoming transactions explicitly. Prior to ERC 23, this issue has resulted in more than $400,00 in various tokens irredeemably lost. With the ERC 23 token, this problem is gone.
Lower fees

ERC 20 prescribes a pull mechanism for retrieving the funds, especially when it comes to dealing with smart contracts. As a result, you have to pay the gas fee twice: first time to approve the transaction, and the second time to actually receive the funds. ERC 23 manages to handles transactions in a more efficient way so that the fee is only paid once.

ERC 20 is actually a standard that tokens on the Ethereal network can meet, and tokens that check all the necessary boxes are deemed “ERC 20 Tokens”.
These tokens are blockchain assets that have value and can be sent and received, like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, or any other cryptocurrency.

ERC 23

1.-Eliminates the problem of lost tokens which happens during the transfer of ERC 20 tokens to a contract (when people mistakenly use the instructions for sending tokens to a wallet). ERC 23 allows users to send their tokens to either a wallet or contract with the same function transfer, thereby eliminating the potential for confusion and lost tokens.

2.-Allows developers to handle incoming token transactions and reject non-supported tokens (not possible with ERC 20)

3.-The transfer of ERC 23 tokens to a contract provides energy savings because it is a one-step process rather than a two-step process (for ERC 20), which results in half the gas and no extra blockchain bloating.

Smart contracts are applications that execute on decentralized infrastructure, such as a blockchain. They are tamperproof, in the sense that no party (even their creator) can alter their code or interfere with their execution. Historically, contracts embodied in code have run in a centralized manner that leaves them subject to alteration, termination, and even deletion by a privileged party. In contrast, the execution of smart contracts binds all parties to an agreement as written, creates a new and powerful type of trust relationship that does not rely on trust in any one party. Because they are self-verifying and self-executing,smart contracts thus offer a superior vehicle for realizing and administering digital agreements. The powerful new trust model that smart contracts embody, though, introduces a new technical challenge: connectivity. The vast majority of smart contract applications rely on data about the real world that comes from key resources, specifically data feeds and APIs, that are external to the blockchain. Because of the mechanics of the consensus mechanisms underpinning blockchains, a blockchain cannot directly fetch such critical data.

Read our whitepaper for further detail

Maya Preferred’s Impact on Maya Coin

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