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Smart contracts are applications that execute on decentralized infrastructure, such as a blockchain. They are tamperproof, in the sense that no party (even their creator) can alter their code or interfere with their execution. Historically, contracts embodied in code have run in a centralized manner that leaves them subject to alteration, termination, and even deletion by a privileged party. In contract, the execution of smart contract binds all parties to a written agreement, creates a new and powerful type of trust relationship that does not rely on trust in any one party. Because they are self-verifying and self-executing, smart contracts thus offer a superior vehicle for realizing and administering digital agreements. The powerful new trust model that smart contracts embody, though, introduces a new technical challenge: connectivity. The vast majority of smart contract applications rely on data about the real world that comes from key resources, specifically data feeds and APIs, that are external to the blockchain. Because of the mechanics of the consensus mechanisms underpinning blockchains, a blockchain cannot directly fetch such critical data. Coin Maya LTD propose a solution to the smart contract connectivity problem with Saturn Network, a secure erc223 network. What differentiates Saturn Network from other Oracle solutions is its ability to operate as a fully decentralized network. This boutique service specializes in any single party, enabling the tamperproof quality valued in smart contracts to be extended to the end-to-end operation between smart contracts and the APIs they rely on. Making smart contracts externally aware, meaning capable of interacting with off-chain resources, is necessary if they are going to replace the digital agreements in use today. Today, the lion’s share of traditional contractual agreements that have been digitally automated use external data to prove contractual performance, and require data outputs to be pushed to external systems. When smart contracts replace these older contractual mechanisms, they will require high-assurance versions of the same types of data inputs and outputs. Examples of potential next-generation smart contracts and their data requirements include: • Securities smart contracts such as bonds, interest rate derivatives, and many others will require access to APIs reporting market prices and market reference data, e.g. interest rates. The main use of smart contracts today is the management of tokens, which are a common functionality in most smart contract networks. We believe that the current focus on tokens to the exclusion of many other possible applications is due to a lack of adequate oracle services, a situation specifically aims to remedy.

To give you some brief idea about Coin Maya LTD – we are one of the largest OTC desks in America specializing in digital asset and commodity trading. We trade across 20+ time zones around the world. Not sure if you are aware of the advantages an OTC desk could bring. If you’re looking to trade for a large volume on an exchange, you would have to look into the order book depth to determine how deep you have to go in order to have your trade size fulfilled. If you’re going in too deep, the pricing may steer towards an unfavorable direction, resulting in a price that is far from the market. But for Coin Maya LTD, owing to our wide network of industry connection and very deep pools of liquidity, we’re able to facilitate instant execution of large volume trading, with a price that is close to the market. Please note that our minimum trade size of Octagon Strategy is USD 100,000 or equivalent and we charge a 5% trading fee only with no deposit or withdrawal fee and we offer same day settlement services. If you’re interested in trading with us, kindly register an account, and submit the necessary documents for account verification. Let us know when the submission is completed so that we could fast-track your account verification. Upon successful verification, we’ll create a designated chat group with you and our traders through your preferred channels – Bloomberg / WhatsApp / Telegram / WeChat / Skype, where you could get direct quotations on digital assets.